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the HA!World Online Experience is the exclusive platform for HA! creations (writings, recordings, visual art and video) with subcribers receiving weekly releases and access to an extensive library

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an 8 minute structured overview of the kinds of experiences that are on offer plus a random visual tour

playlist of 2 videos

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$4 month on month standard, with savings on fixed term options (reduced price options for South Africans)

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a complete overview and what subscribers say

latest releases

every week, around 4 items are released under a theme, with an introduction and links to their places in the library

pdf of email format as received by subscribers

platform & samples

the service is hosted by an independent, no-frills, quality and secure platform. full access for subscribers by user name and password. for non-subscribers, free samples and indexes across the categories


a random visual story of the HA! life over two decades - the places, the people, the road, collaborations, workshops and other forms of colourful fun

slide show of 213 images

library index

at the start of this service in mid-2019, the library had 130 items. integrating over two decades of work is an ongoing task and many more materials await. two years later, the library now stands at 1100 items across all media

11 tables according to different media, sub-divided in a system of 9 modal categories, dated from the latest to the earliest

representative list of items

besides the free samples, this random list of titles and descriptions provides a graphic overview of the "HA!World" online experience

list of 70 items according to media (recordings, video, etc.)

the philosophy behind

each media category in the library (writings, recordings, videos, etc) is subdivided along nine different modalities, which form an emotive narriative in and of itself. arriving at these nine parts involved some deep thinking ..

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