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recordings of improvisations and the odd more composed work have been piling up since 2000, the year that i moved into electronic means of music making. various albums have seem the light since, sold mainly at live performances. yet they were odd thematic compilations, or "best of's," with no comprehensive overview.

the "HA!World of Feeling Series 1-9" brings together a selection of all these outputs, classified according to modes of feeling, making use of the "three-dimensional conceptual analysis of reality." the first three albums represent the inner world, how reality is experienced Subjectively - starting with the dream-like "From the mists," then the more classical sounding "Blue petals," on to the mostly spiritual "Holding hands."

the second grouping of three goes outward (Objective), first exploring and experimenting "In the heart of the mind," then reaching a peak of energy and forwardness in "chasing time," balancing out in "All of a Swing" - a "chill-out" jazzy collection.

the series reaches its emotive phase (Relative) as it starts with the experience of relation subjectively - passionate and fully emotional "Along the red red river," then finding comfort and nourishment in relating material things "Of fun and fest" and finally reaching the balancing dimension of it all, relating WITH reality from the heart, as "We bring our worlds together."

9 hours of listening will not only put you in a full picture of my musical language, but will shape your world of feelings along an expansive journey, right from birth to a natural and peaceful death.

HA!Man, 22 July 2014

Full production: HA!Man (unless otherwise indicated)

V I E W .I N D I V I D U A L .A L B U M S

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short description

From the mists

richly padded music drifting from the beginnings of things, therapeutic and whole

Blue petals

HA!Man recording selections with a direct western baroque-classical-romantic sound and feel

Holding hands

improvised and often layered recordings, mostly from 2000 to 2005, capturing the feel of a spirituality that is both heaven and earth bound

In the heart of the mind

a selection of recordings that falls beyond the confines of "normal" music, without losing an emotive bend or focus

Chasing time

an electric selection of fast moving and energetic tracks. without safety belts. go!

All of a swing

letting loose, swinging freely, taking-it-easy tracks, some selected from HA!Man soundtracks for poems, movies and stage

Along the red red river

a collection of recordings that cuts unashamedly to the heart, breaks it open and let if flow

Of fun and fest

selection of HA!Man tracks simply to have fun with, because they were fun to play!

We bring our worlds together

songs and recordings that embrace the whole, find home and conclude a collective journey