albums that together make for a complete musical experience

HA!World of Feeling

a systematic summary of more than a decade of HA!Man recordings - a 9-hour history of the heart, and every colour of sound under the sun

9 albums | July 2014


favourites typically featured during
live performances


A Tour of HA!Man Music along a storyline of feeling

13 tracks | August 2021

HA!Performance Favourites 2019

Our first combined album with a variety of show favourites of the past few years, both music accompanied and poetry tracks

14 tracks | August 2019

HA!Man Best 2015

a bumper HA!Man variety collection with an emphasis on some deeply emotive and passionate pieces. includes the rousing song to inspire local communities, "It's Up to Us" and the recording for my mother, just before she died

17 tracks | January 2016

HA!Man Best 2010

a fresh HA!Man variety collection with an emphasis on some high energy pieces. includes the rousing arrangement of a Woman of the Year Gala theme song, "You Are The One"

16 tracks | July 2015

HA!Man Best 2007

the third HA!Man Best album, with favourite tracks like Child of the World, Love Dance and Global Warming. A number of tracks have double cello layers, others include voice, whistling and recorder

14 tracks | July 2008

HA!Man Best 2005

more variety, also more dramatic than HA! 2004.. including Lekke Lekke Cape Town, sarie Marias and "America"

14 tracks | January 2006

HA!Man Best 2004

15 Tracks of mostly energetic and fun HA!Man creations. Show favourites include Beautiful Land (on cello) and Her Time Has Come (recorded with solo voices and choir). Best selling album for the past four years.

15 tracks | July 2005

improvised and read poetry along with musical accompaniment

a home i cannot name - The Performance

a special compilation for the Sharjah Festival, January 2020.. with some of Joke's newest poems, set around the theme of coming home in love..

13 tracks | January 2020

a home i cannot name

an update on the best of the collaboration between the music of the HA!Man and Joke Debaere's poetry - both as written and as taken down from live improvisations, along with rich accompaniments

16 tracks | December 2017

my road in your eyes

a selection of reflective poems around a love relationship, written and read by Joke Debaere with accompanying soundtracks by the HA!Man (ENGLISH))

18 tracks | July 2014

mijn weg in jouw ogen

a selection of reflective poems around a love relationship, written and read by Joke Debaere with accompanying soundtracks by the HA!Man (DUTCH)

18 tracks | December 2013

Relentless Universe

an all stops-pulling 9-movement music and dramatic text journey through aspects of the relentlessness of life, of death, and of the universe

9 tracks | October 2015

Let the Tenderness be Blue Tonight

a live recording of a spontaneous collaboration between the HA!Man (cello, keyboard, sound effects), Joe van der Linden (electric guitar) and Joke Debaere (poetry in 3 languages), on her first South African performance tour (Port Elizabeth, 16 Aug 2012)

7 tracks | August 2012

come in my mind

A collection of sixteen live tracks, the best of Joke Debaere's improvised poetry with HA!Man music, from 2013 up to the beginning of 2015.

16 tracks | June 2015

music collections according to various moods

From the mists

richly padded music drifting from the beginnings of things, therapeutic and whole

12 tracks | February 2014

Blue petals

HA!Man recording selections with a direct western baroque-classical-romantic sound and feel

15 tracks | February 2014

Holding hands

improvised and often layered recordings, mostly from 2000 to 2005, capturing the feel of a spirituality and harmonic beauty that is both heaven and earth bound

17 tracks | February 2014

In the heart of the mind

a selection of recordings that falls beyond the confines of "normal" music, without losing an emotive bend or focus - experimental, fun, exciting

16 tracks | February 2014

Chasing time

an electric selection of fast moving and energetic tracks. without safety belts.

16 tracks | February 2014

All of a swing

letting loose, swinging freely, taking-it-easy tracks, some selected from HA!Man soundtracks for poems, movies and stage

15 tracks | February 2014

Along the red red river

a collection of recordings that cuts unashamedly to the heart, breaks it open and let if flow - poassionatea and emotive, with strong cello

14 tracks | February 2014

Of fun and fest

selection of HA!Man tracks simply to have fun with, because they were fun to play! - jolly, lekker and festive!

16 tracks | February 2014

We bring our worlds together

songs and recordings that embrace the whole, find home and conclude a collective journey

15 tracks | February 2014

thematic music collections

Kersklank in Afrika

"Christmas Sound in Africa" - fresh renditions of classic Christmas melodies, iwth a touch of the African summer to them (titling in Afrikaans)

11 tracks | December 2021

Breaking the Day

A whole album recorded live in the manner of the HA!Man show opening improvisations: cello, voice and whistling along with soft drone sounds, awakening into a new day

7 tracks | January 2011


Through the last eight years certain HA!Man recordings had a direct link with Afrikaner culture. This compilation gives an indication of an artist's view on his people and a rendition of its special characteristics - music, songs and words.

15 tracks | November 2009

Stutters of Africa

Unique recording: Music created along with the rhythms of different running engines of around a hundred years old, in the engine musiem of Stutterheim (Eastern Cape). Strong African flavour, yet a variety of moods created.

16 tracks | February 2014

Piano and Cello

a selection of piano improvisations with added cello. a variety of musical styles, the album provides gems of relaxing as well as artistically refined pieces

10 tracks | September 2003

improvisation journeys on cello, piano and organ

the story of your strength

the second one hour improvisation in Pino Guarraci's Belgian studio - an extensive musical journey with a strong dream-like undertone, with words inspired by the love of my life, Joke Debaere

12 tracks | April 2014

Cello Prayers

solo cello improvisations reflecting emotional states in prayer. serene, with a certain simplicity, yet expressive, these tracks are honest, calming and restoring

16 tracks | September 2005

Jy het my laat sing

a 60 min improvisation recorded in Belgium, 14 May 2007. Yamaha baby grand, with singing and whistling along at times. a mix of romanticism, impressionism, african, atonal and jazz, the emotive and virtuoso journey retains structure and motivic unity.

11 tracks | May 2007

A Moment of Mouth Watering Sounds

brilliant one hour organ improvisation with audience participation, ending in a massive climax

1 track | February 1999

Ek Praat Klavier

First ever recording (pre-HA!Man, 1998) after some years of reluctance to fix spontaneous moments. On Steinway concert grand, SABC M1 studio, Johannesburg. Uninterrupted hour of intense and emotional piano, voice and whistling.

1 track | January 1999

Creation, creation, creation!

Take a journey through the process of creation. From the dark beginnings of inspiration ("seed"), to the exploring lines of focused development ("sprout") to the blossoming of something triumphantly new ("flower"). St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town. Generally dark and Gothic, with audience participation

3 tracks | April 2000

Klaas Voogd Cello

HA!Man trademark cello, voice and whistling. playful, joyous, brilliant and folk music-like solid improvisational journey. recorded at once in exquiste surroundings near Robertson, Western Cape

15 tracks | September 2004

for theatre, multimedia productions


soundtrack based on the creation story of Genesis 1. created for a multimedia production. epic celebration building from the simplest musical imaginings to an emotive climax. with real life bird and animal sounds

8 tracks | July 2004


soundtrack pieces for FTHK deaf-dance companys long-running play "Gumbo," set in a somewhat surreal coastal village..

11 tracks | October 2006

HA!Man with musicians and poets

HA!Man and Anton highlights

moving, dancing, and playfully crafting spontaneity between HA!Man and Durban based violinist Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby - selected recordings from 2014 to 2021

11 tracks | November 2021

Paul Hanmer and Francois le Roux in concert

this recording of a live improvised concert at the Grahamstown Festival (2007) provides quality music with jazz, african and classical strains

11 tracks | July 2007

Hammer en die HA!Man Speel Saam

first set of recordings with street guitarist Andrew Peters, to also help him make a living. great talent and spirit. feel the jivy energy of Rhini township..

8 tracks | July 2002

die vloedbos sal weer vlieg

15 gedigte uit Carina Stander se debuutbundel "die Vloedbos sal weer Vlieg" deur haarself voorgelees, met bypassende musiek deur die HA!Man

15 tracks | January 2007